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Customs Compliance in eCommerce


Start : 2021


Customs Compliance in eCommerce

A program organized in partnership with

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Benefits for you and your business

You are

  • Customs professionals (public and private sector) from across the EU.

For you

  • Understanding the position of e−commerce in cross−border trade.
  • A deeper knowledge of the peculiarities of EU customs and VAT legislation as applied to e−commerce.

For your company

  • Ability to demonstrate compliance with tax and product regulations upon entry of e−commerce goods.

In short...

  • Introduction to the different eCommerce scenarios for goods with provenance China and entering the European market: the example of (1) a pair of shoes (footwear), (2) a bottle of perfume (cosmetics), and (3) a miniature train for kids (toys). End-to-end description, i.e., from the manufacturer to the final consumer and the re-exportation if that consumer could ultimately not be located.
  • Description of the different kinds of shipment: single consignment, consolidated consignment, low value consignment (LVC), postal consignment, express consignment.
  • ...

This program interests me

Cross-border e-commerce:
a growing challenge

Cross−border e−commerce has grown tremendously in the past years. This growth has accelerated further with the COVID crisis and Brexit. B2C imports through online platforms has brought unique challenges for the customs authorities and for economic operators, due to the large volume of small and low value consignments entering the EU. The European Commission has taken action to improve controls of this type of trade, to combat (VAT) fraud, and to ensure fair competition for EU businesses.

Alongside the lifecycle of a low value consignment throughout the supply chain, our advanced program on eCommerce explains the customs and VAT rules as applied to cross−border e−commerce. After the four−day program, the participants will understand the position of e−commerce in cross−border trade, will know the particularities of EU customs and VAT legislation as applied to e−commerce, and will be able to demonstrate compliance with taxes and product regulations upon entry of e−commerce goods.

About the Customs & Excise programs

"Customs and Excise" is a modular, academically oriented specialisation programme organised by the universities of Liège and Antwerp in Belgium, in collaboration with the Belgian Customs Authorities and the private sector. The basic program introduces participants into the fundamentals of customs and excise. The advanced program comprises 11 modules and provides in−depth analysis of particular customs and excise related topics. The universities have developed the Continuing Education "Customs and Excise" around the EU Customs Competency Framework. The program participates in the pilot project of the European Commission to obtain an EU Certification of Recognition as a label of excellence for customs academic programs, which is expected for 2021.

Start : 2021
Duration : 24h




Executive Education Certificate

Level :

  • Expert

Requirement :

  • Basic program in Customs from ULiège or Antwerp University or being able to demonstrate an equivalent degree or experience

Location :

  • Online

Price :

  • 1.250€. The prices mentioned are exempted from VAT under Article 44 §2 4 ° of the VAT Code.

Academic Director & Experts coordinating the program


Marc Bourgeois

Academic Director

Full Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Liège. Director of the Master of Specialization in Tax Law at the ULiege. Co-president of the Tax Institute of the ULiege. Academic co-responsible for the Certificate in Public Finance (ULiege and UCL).


Yves Melin

Expert coordinating the program

Yves is a Brussels-qualified international trade, customs, and EU regulatory lawyer. He concentrates on trade remedy investigations, customs compliance and investigations, and World Trade Organization dispute settlements.
Yves has represented clients before the EU Courts in more than 30 disputes relating to international trade and customs laws, including in the landmark cases Ikea Wholesale (C-351/04), XinYi PV (T-586/14) and Seraphim (T-110/17).
In the past 20 years, he has represented companies in more than 100 trade remedy proceedings (anti-dumping measures, countervailing measures, and safeguards). In the customs area, Yves helps clients reduce duty exposure through customs compliance programs, customs duty suspension filings, and customs litigation.
Yves is also one of the founders of Greenlane, an alliance of customs and international trade law firms.
He is member of the editorial board of the Global Trade and Customs Journal where he publishes frequently. Yves Melin lectures on trade and customs matters at the Universities of Antwerp, Liège and Porto, and he is a member of the


Philippe Heeren

Expert coordinating the program

Philippe is a lawyer dealing with customs, excise, and international trade matters. He helps clients in addressing the challenges relating to customs valuation, classification and origin, as well as formal customs laws and suspensive procedures. His practice extends to the broad range of barriers and requirements companies face when bringing goods into the European Union, with respect to both tariffs and product compliance.
Philippe assists clients in solving disputes with customs authorities in Belgium and across the EU, next to providing legal advice. His support spans the entire dispute lifecycle, from voluntary disclosures to customs audits, investigations and, ultimately, administrative and court proceedings. Philippe has represented several clients before the European Court of Justice, most recently in a customs valuation in the X BV case (C-160/18). His activities also include consultation with the customs authorities, including binding information requests and repayment claims.
Philippe is a lecturer on customs and international trade at Tilburg University in the Netherlands, and a visiting lecturer on customs law at the University of Antwerp in Belgium.

Questions ?


Sixtine de Harlez 
Program Manager
Phone: +32(0)4 232 73 79
Email :